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Sat, 28 Jul 2007

Publication of DebConf 7 videos

The DebConf 7 videos needed some post-processing, mostly to recover missing pieces from tape. I've done a large part of that, but it's not yet complete.

The video team to-do list has details of the recordings that still need work, and the sessions that we believe were not recorded. Please tell us if we did record some of these, and we will have another look through our tapes for them.

The conversion to "publication" formats (i.e. small enough to offer for download) was started at the conference and I have continued this at home over the past 2 weeks. Unfortunately this has been interrupted by some hardware failures. It looks like the CPUs in two of my PCs were running hot enough to be damaged (slowly) but not hot enough to trigger an alarm or automatic shutdown. The remaining conversions will be running mostly on my laptop, which is pretty fast and should be able to finish conversion of the recordings that are in a good state in about 2 days. However, some of the converted files may be broken and need some manual attention.

My upload bandwidth is only 448 kbit/s so the high-quality files will take about a week to upload.

As ever, the video files are being published on

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