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Tue, 29 Jul 2008

Last of the DebConf 7 videos

A few of the recordings from DebConf 7 had to be recovered in whole or in part from tape. For personal and technical reasons, a few of these were not done last year, and I have finally dealt with them now. The last few sessions are:

The secure Debian Desktoplowhigh
Debian - The Universal Operating System?lowhigh
Wacky ideas BoFlowhigh
lintian BoFlowhigh
Debian travels around the worldlowhigh
Leading a Free Software projectlowhigh
Method diffusion in large volunteer projectslowhigh
Debtags is readylowhigh
Maintaining packages with Gitlowhigh
Time for a better init systemlowhigh

Hopefully these are useful to someone. Sorry it took so long!

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